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We want to know our customers by name in an effort to feel a part of a larger community. For years, we've longed to bring that to the roasted coffee side of our business too. To know our farmers by name and connect those known customers, to a known farmer, in hopes that the "larger" community could become closer than many think. 

Our line of Ecuadorian coffee is an extension of our values. With each sip, you taste the quality, with the name of your coffee farmer and connect with that larger global community of coffee lovers. Together we can enact change by enjoying a cup of coffee sourced transparently, directly, and fairly. 

Farmer: Diego Jaya
Origin: Las Lajas, Loja, Ecuador
Roast Profile: Medium
Notes: Milk Chocolate, Banana, Citrus
Process: Washed
Elevation: 4000 FT.

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