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Escape the everyday and explore Tanzania with Basecamp! This single-origin coffee offers a unique blend of floral and orange notes, plus a crisp finish. So grab your gear and get ready for an adventure to the African continent - no passport required!

Region: Northern Tanzanian Highlands
Producer: Mondul Coffee Estate
Notes: Floral, Orange, Crisp
Roast: Medium
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1765masl
Varietals: Blue Mountain, Bourbon, KP423, N39

"Located in the highlands extending from Mt. Meru in northern Tanzania, Mondul Coffee Estate has been growing the highest quality Arabica specialty coffee beans since 1931. Mondul Coffee Estate has expert knowledge and a hereditary passion for specialty coffee. A long-established community of over 100 permanent employees lives and works onsite. These employees embrace traditional methods of coffee production, while adopting modern practices along the way.

At Mondul, ripe cherries are carefully selected, pulped within 8 hours from harvesting, fully fermented for 24 to 36 hours with a mid-wash done 12 to 18 hours between fermentation. Once these steps have been completed, they are then slowly dried for 21days. Dry parchment, at a moisture of 10.5%, is conditioned before delivery to the dry-mill for hulling and grading. The specialty green coffee imported from Mondul Coffee Estate consistently delivers a high-quality cup with complex notes season after season."
From our importers at RNY Coffee
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Customer Reviews

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Jeff Hodge
Hard to Find Better Coffee

I've never been disappointed by any Mayfly Coffee I've tried, but the Basecamp Tanzania might be the best they've roasted yet! Good strong flavor with nice fruity notes (like a Tanzania should be), but not too overpowering or bitter. Great way to start the day!