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Mayfly Coffee



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Ready to ride the Sulawesian wave? Being our darkest roast, this Indonesian-sourced coffee packs a punch of pepper and cacao, with earthy notes to keep your feet firmly on the ground. It's the perfect pick-me-up for any adventure!

Region: Mamasa Valley, Sulawesi, Indonesia
Producer: Multiple
Notes: Pepper, Cacao, Earthy
Roast: Dark
Process: Wet-Hulled
Varietal: S795, Typical

This is a Grade 1 wet hulled coffee, aged for 36 months, cultivated in the Mamasa valley in the western province of Sulawesi. It was the Dutch government that introduced the process of aging coffee from the East Indies for 2-3 years and the “brownish” beans came to be associated by consumers with high quality and a “mellow” cup. Later, this coffee would assume the moniker “Old Government Java.” Aged coffee became so popular that when disease decreased supply from Java and Sumatra to the point that producers could ill-afford to sit on coffee, they began to “sweat” coffee during its 4-5-month voyage, much of it through the tropics, as an alternative to aging. The coffee would be sealed in the hold of cargo ships to sweat during the voyage, arriving brown. The darker brown the coffee, the higher the price paid. In fact, if a captain managed to deliver “extra brown” coffee, they were paid a bonus..

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Steve Spears
Mike High Mayfly!

Heard about Mayfly from family in Chattanooga. Tried it and loved the coffee!! And love the flyfishing theme! Have been shipping coffee to our home here in Denver for eight years now! Ordering is easy, shipping is prompt and I get a cool personal Thank You note in every box! Keep it going!

Tight Lines!

Satisfied Customer Steve

Tucker Edmonds
Ride Review

I discovered this at South Holston River Lodge about 7 years ago. It is the only coffee I have bought ever since. It is rich and not bitter like so many other coffees.

John Overton

My favorite coffee around. Always grab some when traveling to Signal Mtn!

Keith Lloyd
Love this coffee!

This is one of my favorite coffees in town. Also love the customer service for a local order.